G.R.A.M.© for Talents

Our Aspirational Approach and G.R.A.M.© help you grow professionally.

Since 2009, Generations Recruitment (GR) has been accompanying candidates looking for new professional challenges in Marketing & Sales positions. The expertise acquired through these missions showed up the weaknesses of traditional recruitment methods. The most obvious being not considering the alignment of the aspirations of the candidates with those of the future employer. This leads to questions about the career choice being asked as soon as the honeymoon period is over.

At the same time, no management tool allowed candidates to track the evolution of their aspirations once they started with a new employer.

This is why Generations Recruitment developed the G.R.A.M.© (Generations Recruitment’s Aspirational Model)  which goes beyond traditional recruitment and coaching approaches by bringing targeted answers to the candidates’ questions.

The conclusion behind the G.R.A.M.©.

A professional career is rarely a simple straight line. For it to become that, the candidate must be able to unleash its full potential on every mission assigned. And in an environment that never stops changing, this employer-employee relationship must require the right agility .

By analyzing the behaviour of generations of people at work and the career paths of the hundreds of Marketing & Sales people we have accompanied over the years, GR came to a simple conclusion: “the world changes and yet the recruitment techniques remain the same”.

The new generations arriving on the job market are uncompromising in their search for meaning to bring to their daily life. They believe in the individualisation of relations with their employer. So they expect that companies should both respond to their personal needs but also give them responsibilities in their tasks.

So for a person to be able to progress perfectly and unlock all their potential it is necessary to align their aspirations with the employing company’s Purpose (the mission, values and objectives), and to keep doing so. This enables the person to regenerate their performances at every cycle and therefore be happier at work.

How do you unlock all your potential?

The first step to take is to know your aspirational profile. What are your values? What are your motivational levers? And, knowing that, which “ideal” company will enable you to progress and unlock all your professional and personal potential?

A free online tool offered by GR enables you to discover your aspirational profile and the sort of company that best matches your expectations. Click HERE to get your access code to the “aspirational profiles-T” tool.

With these precious insights, you can go to the second step and find which of the job offers offered on the site correspond to your aspirational profile and qualifications.

The GR team is at your disposal to help you in this. The recruitment process includes the G.R.A.M.©. This helps you not only in the presentation phase of your application, but also in the management of your career path.

This is perhaps where the G.R.A.M.© is most powerful. Through a suite of specialized services, GR accompanies Marketing & Sales talents in their progression within a company.

Join our Marketing & Sales Talent community.

GR is proud to manage a community of Marketing & Sales talents, the GR Alumni. This cross-generational and multi-cultural community is plugged into its age. It’s a community in which each Talent can find the balance between their professional and personal aspirations and still contribute to the success of the company that employs them.

If this approach interests you, don’t hesitate in taking the time to discover your aspirational profile, meet a consultant and – after selection – join our community of Talents.