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Generations Recruitment is a Brussels-based recruitment agency specialised in Marketing & Sales profiles.

We have helped more than 70 companies in many different sectors such as the food, drink, home-care, consumer electronicpharmaceutical or automotive industries but also communication agencies, insurance companies or retailers.

Managed risk approach

Non-exclusive contract
Limited Start-Up Fee & the rest based on Success
Fix Commission based

Marketing & Sales candidates in our database
of our candidates stay more than 6 months
companies trust us: Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Orange, The Swatch Group, ...
160+ assignments done in 2018

They manage their talents with us

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Manage sustainably your Marketing & Sales Potentials.

Try our tailor-made services: simple, innovative, complete and efficient.

Generations Recruitment and its team of consultants work side by side with you to manage your Marketing & Sales Talents more sustainably.

Using a palette of innovative services, GR enables you to call on a partner that shares your objective: to create THE difference. The difference in the way of generating extraordinary results by aligning its employees to a shared Purpose.

This promise is built on an “Aspirational” vision of your human resources. Our approach offers a new complementary angle to a person’s experience, skills and personality. It enables you to identify the motivations and internal values of the employees as much as the desired attitudes and values foreseen by the employers. Once these new elements have been expressed, you can better align your people to your Company’s Purpose.

After two years of research and development, GR has created an exclusive model, called the “G.R.A.M.©” (Generations Recruitment’s Aspirational Model), that will help you in conducting these identifications.


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