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At Generations Recruitment, our consultants are true specialists in Marketing and Sales since 2009. Our approach, based on meaningful recruitment, ensures a strong cultural fit between talents and employers.

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Talents found their job with us

We helped more than 400 candidates reach their career goals (Brand Managers, Account Managers, Product Managers…)



Companies work with us

We partnered with more than 100 companies, from market leaders to startups and NGOs (Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Amnesty International…)



Years of experience

We developed a deep understanding of the Marketing and Sales job market, across several industries (FMCG, Luxury, IT, Consumer & Electronic goods, Pharma…)

Sales & Marketing jobs

Your dream job is waiting

Find an employer aligned with your aspirations and your values, it is our purpose!

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Recruitment process

You can follow the progression of recruiters’ work in real-time thanks to our totally transparent online portal.

Quick view of our work process: 

Discover your personality at work profile with the G.R.A.M.

We provide meaningful recruitment. That’s why we developed the Generations Recruitment Aspirational Model. This tool helps you to find a job and an employer that are aligned with your personal values and your aspirations!

Last News

How to make the best of your Video Interview?

How to make the best of your Video Interview? Homeworking, lockdown, sick leaves... Coronavirus gives us the opportunity to rethink our recruitment process. This is why at Generations Recruitment we've decide to conduct exclusive Video Interviews. You probably know...

How to turn the lockdown into a positive professional outcome?

How to turn the lockdown into a positive professional outcome? It is a difficult time for all : sick people, isolated ones, medical staff, food industry workers, employees, companies… At Generations Recruitment too, we feel it and share everyone’s trouble! Things can...

“Meaningful recruitment”: The best way to attract candidates and retain them.

“Meaningful recruitment”: The best way to attract candidates and retain them. In order to celebrate Generations Recruitment’s 10th anniversary, we organised an event for our GR community. The event included a conference about job market trends and, of course,...

Case study – Team dynamics

Case study - Team dynamics A client contacted us to improve the dynamics inside its team.  What were their needs? To provide individuals in the company with a framework to better understand their internal aspirations as well as those of their colleagues and manager....

Case Study – Profiling

Case Study - Profiling A market research company active for 20 years wanted to evaluate the motivations and values of its team members. Challenge: The goal was to find out whether the team was committed to the company’s new direction, which had been decided by the...

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