The G.R.A.M.© for Talents Managers

The G.R.A.M.© serving your Marketing & Sales Talents.

Since 2009, Generations Recruitment (GR) and its consultants having been helping businesses recruit their Marketing & Sales Talents at every level of the company. The precise expertise earned over hundreds of missions showed up the limits of traditional candidate recruitment and accompaniment methods.

This is because they are based not only on objective criteria such as experience, skills and psychological profiles but also on far more subjective criteria about the candidate’s suitability to a company’s changing environment.

Once a relation starts on an incomplete and subjective basis, it becomes particularly difficult – if not impossible – to accompany the evolution of the talents they recruit.

Looking to offer a more sustainable solution that is better adapted to the current context of its clients, GR developed an innovative and effective process called the “G.R.A.M.©” (Generations Recruitment’s Aspirational Model).

This model goes further than the traditional approach, becoming part of an “Aspirational Approach” that sustainably improves the management of Marketing & Sales talents.

The roots of the G.R.A.M.©.

By analyzing the career paths of hundreds of people in Marketing & Sales functions that it accompanied over the years, GR came to a simple conclusion: “For a person to evolve perfectly and be able to free up their potential, their aspirations must – at all times – be aligned with the company’s culture.”

Therefore, for a company to create THE difference and generate sustainable success, it absolutely requires teams that are aligned to the company’s values and culture, also called the Purpose.

In this fast and permanent changing environment, our clients were lacking a managerial tool that could help identify and realign both party expectations. This access to a better workforce agility materialized in the development of the “G.R.A.M.©”.

2 complementary tools for managing the evolution of your Talents.

As part of the vision it developed, GR – using solid scientific and empirical bases – create a tool that identifies the aspirational profile of each of your Marketing & Sales talents.

This tool, also called the “G.R.A.M.©-T”, consists of an evaluation questionnaire that reveals, based on an algorithm validated in hundreds of cases, the aspirational profile of each candidate.

Each of the 7 aspirational profiles corresponds to distinctive characteristics in terms of values and motivational springboards. When these characteristics correspond to attitudes and values expected by company, the probability that the Talent will be aligned is reinforced. This harmonious management leads to success and the creation of your difference.

So as to determine the profile that corresponds to your company’s values and culture and/or the position to be filled, GR puts a second tool at your disposal, the “G.R.A.M.©-TM”. After completing a questionnaire, you will know what aspirational profiles will be best aligned with your company and mission to be entrusted.

These two complementary tools contribute to the perfect alignment of your Talents and your company’s Purpose. This increases their commitment to the company, consequently, their performance and happiness at work.

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