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Well done! You are about to apply for one of the Generations Recruitment’s open positions.
Here are the next steps in your application process:

CV evaluation

  • Within 48 hours, our Consultant in charge will evaluate your application.
  • If it fits our client needs, you will be immediately contacted.
  • Otherwise, it means your application was not retained this time. Nonetheless, your contact information has been stored in our database, enabling us to contact you for further job opportunities.

G.R.A.M. profile and first interview

  • After applying, you can fill in our online G.R.A.M. questionnaire. The results enable you to better understand your personality and motivations at work.
  • You will be invited for a first interview with the consultant in charge. During this first meeting, he/she will give you more explanation regarding your G.R.A.M. profile.
  • Our consultant will then use this information to find you the most meaningful job fit.

Submission of your application file

  • After the interview, our Consultant will present your application in detail to your desired client(s).
  • You can then count on us to give you the fastest feedback possible.
  • You can also always follow-up on the status of your application via your online account. 

Continuous support for your interviews

  • We help you understand the essence of the client’s feedback and remain available to answer any of your questions.
  • During your interview(s) with the client(s), we help you in the preparation of all steps.
  • When you decide to associate your talent to one of our clients, we ensure that this effectively contributes to your overall satisfaction.

Hiring and onboarding

  • When you get an offer from our client(s), we help you in the negotiation of the contract. 
  • After the signature of the contract, we stay totally at your disposal to facilitate the transition and integration into your new company. 

Welcome to Generations Recruitment Alumni Club!

  • We will stay in touch with you for the rest of your career path: you are now part of our community of talents!
  • As such, we keep you informed about events and publications that might interest you.
  • And of course, we are always there if you have any questions about your career.

Your dream job is waiting

Find you an employer aligned with your aspirations and your values, it is our purpose.

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Happy Talents

They manage their career with us.

Victorien L.

Mes premiers pas dans le monde professionnel se passent à merveille. P. est une formidable entreprise où les jeunes sont écoutés et encouragés à faire part de leurs idées. J'ai eu beaucoup de...

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Victorien L.
Elie M.

"Simply great."

Elie M.
Emmanuel B.

"Great collaboration."

Emmanuel B.
Raphael D.

"Great professionalism!"

Raphael D.
Dorothée G.

"Great experience with Generations Recruitment, I highly recommend."

Dorothée G.

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