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Generations Recruitment and its team of consultants accompany you throughout your Marketing & Sales career. Whether you are looking for a new external challenge or need to progress professionally, GR can help develop your career and aim for the goals you have set for yourself.

This accompaniment is based on a simple principle. When you are in line with the culture and values of the company in which you work, your motivation is such that you can achieve what you want. Our objective is to accompany you on your path to success.

The bundle of services offered by Generations Recruitment is based on an innovative concept: the “Aspirational Approach”. GR has developed an exclusive tool called the G.R.A.M.©.  After filling out an online questionnaire (about ten minutes long), the tool enables you to identify the values and motivations that are most important for you at this stage of your career.  Once clearly expressed, these elements can help you find a professional project aligned with your aspirations.

Watch the introduction video of this tool now.

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