Senior Marketeer “Meat Lovers”

Senior Marketeer “Meat Lovers”

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Senior Marketeer “Meat Lovers” (#288)
"East-Brussels", Belgium


If Lady Gaga could make it sexy... why not you?

Have you ever wondered during your groceries, just in front of the meat shelf, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could pick just the piece of meat that will make the difference in my preparation for my family or friend dinner” and then close your eyes and pick one pack out of the lot randomly? Well, this might be your chance to help most of the Belgian Meat lovers… as we’re looking for the Marketeer that will make the difference in your shopper experience on this category for one of the most renowned Retailers in Belgium for their butchery. Our client’s objective is to secure the most critical category of their Fresh Division while inspiring shoppers with innovative marketing campaigns relayed adequately with activations on the point of sales all over Belgium.

Your challenge :

While using the overall communication touch points panel at your disposal, you will help shape the communication plan for the fresh products and develop your own projects and campaigns.

Each marketing projects will work out as follows:

  • You process the necessary market data and insights about fresh products.
  • You identify the must wins battles and prioritize projects to secure mid-and-long term goals
  • You draw up an extensive communication plan, including a situation sketch, clear objectives and a planning of the campaigns.
  • You make your plans concrete. You think about the right medium and about possible promotions.
  • You thoroughly inform the internal creative team so that they can get started immediately. You closely monitor the campaigns and drives the results along the organisations to share success or corrective actions.
  • You analyze the campaign results.

Your ideal background would be:

  • You are a “Meat lover” and the story behind the products interests you.
  • You have a first commercial experience with fresh products.
  • You also have experience in marketing or you already worked closely with a marketing department. Depending on your knowledge and experience, we offer you a tailor-made training plan.
  • Dutch and French should be fluent.
  • You can convert data into sustainable campaigns.
  • You are able to work independently towards deadlines and results. You determine your to do's.
  • During campaigns you always base yourself on available data analyses and statistics.

Our client offers:

  • You receive a thorough training on the category. Afterwards you can always count on the support and feedback from your experienced colleagues.
  • You work as a marketer for a fascinating and challenging product category. We also have a lot of in-house expertise, because the Company has its own meat production department, among other things. This also keeps you with the latest trends.
  • As a marketer, you determine the composition of the range of fresh products (eg for the end of the year) and you further develop our customer relations.
  • You get the freedom to bring your projects to a successful conclusion. Your communication plan is in your hands and those of your colleagues. That brings a lot of responsibility.

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  • If there is a match, it's all good for you.
  • Otherwise, take a look at the complete recruitment process.

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