Key moments in our history

November 2008

The adventure started on Yoni’s sofa. He had the vision of a recruitment agency that would make the extra mile for its clients and candidates. Friendly and perceptive – a nice way to help these two worlds better understand each other.
February 2009

After three months of brainstorming, driven by the desire to reinvent the profession, Generations Recruitment was created and set up his office in his brother in law’s 25m² flat in Forest, Brussels.
March 2009

The first Belgian mission entrusted to Generations Recruitment came from Campari. Today still a GR partner.
April 2010

The first consultant was hired.
January-December 2012

The figure of 100 people placed was reached to our clients’ satisfaction. The retention rate, until today, of candidates that stayed on after the 6-month trial period is 97%.
September 2013

Generations Recruitment moved to new, larger (80m²) and more welcoming offices in a renovated former convent in Ixelles, Brussels.
June 2014

Still aiming for a significant evolution in the profession, GR underwent a market positioning exercise, using the Blue Ocean Strategy approach. This led to the idea of developing motivation management tool for Marketing and Sales professionals.
November 2014

The research agency Why5Research undertakes a qualitative and quantitative market study. Their objective is to search the Marketing & Sales population for the expression of the underlying motivations and values and identify potential clusters.
April 2015

Mission accomplished. The 7 aspirational profiles are validated by a quantitative study. This led GR to create the “Regenerative Model©”. Generations Recruitment closed its 200th mission at the end of the month.
September 2015

The "Regenerative Model©” is launched, as new service offerings connected to the "Aspirational Approach".
December 2015

Generations Recruitment has helped more 70 companies, for their Marketing & Sales recruitment, in sectors such as: food, drinks, distribution, communication agencies, pharmaceuticals, insurance and the automotive industries. These companies employ between 4 and 4,000 people.

Generations Recruitment developed a new communication to stimulate its growth. The story continues... and why not write part of it together?