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At Generations Recruitment, our consultants are true specialists in Marketing and Sales since 2009. Our approach, based on meaningful recruitment, allows a strong cultural fit between talents and employers. 

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Sales & Marketing Talents

Our database is composed of more than 30K sales and marketing talents in Belgium (Brand Managers, Account Managers, Product Managers…)



Companies work with us

Over 100 companies trusted us over the past years, such as leaders of the market, start-ups or NGOs (Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Orange, Fairtrade, Toyota, Amnesty International…)



Years of experience

Thanks to the network we developed in 10 years and our meaningful recruitment approach, we can offer you qualified talents in record time

Recruitment process

The progress of your mission can be consulted at any time via your Generations Recruitment online account.

Quick view of our work process: 

Commercial strategy

Generations Recruitment offers a unique low risk commercial strategy.
Our vision of recruitment is one of true partnership with our clients.
Therefore, we have decided from the start to always position ourselves in a win-win scenario:


Customized options

You can choose your pricing structure according to your needs.


Non exclusivity

You are free to work with other recruitment partners.


Guarantee 6 months

We offer you a guarantee of 6 months for each hired talent.

Discover your ideal employee profile with the G.R.A.M.

Generations Recruitment developed a model that allows to align talent’s personality at work with their employers’ needs and values. As a consequence, talents can increase their happiness at work while employers reduce turnover. They are both engaged sustainably and meaningfully.

3 different ways to use the G.R.A.M

1. Understand your recruitment needs

By sending the questionnaire to all your team members, you will understand what profile fits best the existing team or/and what profile is missing to complete your team. It will make your future recruitments more sustainable and meaningful!

2. Recruit talents who fit best your company culture

Fill the G.R.A.M.’s questionnaire to allow our Generations consultants to understand the attitudes and values your ideal candidate should embody.

These insights combined with a classic recruitment process, based on competences and skills, will enable our consultants to find THE talents who are the best aligned with your company purpose!

3. Improve happiness of your team and increase retention rate

Invite your team to redo the G.R.A.M. questionnaire regularly to catch the evolution of motivations for each of its members. Based on these results and advice of our Generations recruiters, you will be able to align your management style to ensure the growth of your employees. They will be happier at work and, consequently, improve your retention rate.

Happy employers

They managed their recruitment with us. Your turn? 

Marie-Julie Wilkin

Yoni has understood our needs very quickly and managed to offer the right candidates with the right expertise to help our company achieve its digital transformation.

Marie-Julie Wilkin
Kenneth Bérard

Our experience with headhunters has not always been great. But I am so glad we have started collaborating with Generations. They don't only bring results but it's also a long term partner that we...

... Read More
Kenneth Bérard
Brigitte De Cock

GR has a very good understanding of the company's needs in terms of competences and fit with the company's culture.They are devoted and always eager to go the extra mile to find the best person for...

... Read More
Brigitte De Cock
Mélanie Decelle

Nous avons fait appel à Generations Recruitment dans le cadre du recrutement de notre Digital Manager Benelux. Spadel est une entreprise familiale et locale. Par sa nature, notre entreprise présente...

... Read More
Mélanie Decelle
Elise F.

"I worked with and for GR. First, as a client, GR was my reference for all our Sales & Marketing recruitment. I could trust them (almost) with eyes closed! Then, a second adventure, as a...

... Read More
Elise Falmagne

Your next employee is in our network!

More than 30.000 Sales and Marketing Talents in our database.

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